Incredible recent developments throughout Africa


Egypt is planning a thirty billion purpose-built city in the desert. Man have called this city the “New Cairo”, although still nameless was commissioned in 2015 and is slated to be built for seven years. This “New Cairo” will contain over 660 hospitals, 1250 churches and mosques and a theme-park that is supposed to be over 4 times bigger than Disneyland. To be built by the Emirati business-man behind the astounding Burj-Khalifa, this project if completed would span across 700 square kilometers. That's a span has huge as Singapore. The £30 billion project is supposed to have 21 residential districts, 25 dedicated-districts, 663 hospitals, 1250 churches and mosques, and over 1 million homes housing up to 5 million residents.


The Eko Atlantic city is a wonder coastal-city that is being built on Victoria-Island and is located directly on the side of Lagos state, Nigeria. The incredibly designed city is said to be the center of attention for investors looking to capitalize on an emerging market across West Africa. Standing on ten-million sq. meters of land snatched away from the Atlantic-Ocean and its being guarded by the Lagos wall which stretches for 8.5 kilometers, Eko Atlantic will be the size of Manhattan's-skyscraper-district. The city will be able to generate its own power, it will be extremely self-reliant and will have its own world class urban-design, not subject to the general electricity grid, clean water, good roads that accommodate all kinds of movement, the best telecommunication systems, and tree-lined environmental conscious streets. The project is privately-funded by South-Energyx Nigeria-Limited — the primary agents responsible for the development of this project, they are operated by the Group Company; Chagoury, They work in collaboration with the Lagos-State Government of Nigeria.


The Konza Technology-City often referred to as Konza City is designed to be a world-class technology hub that's located in Machakos County, sixty kilometers from Nairobi. It has the nickname Silicon Savannah. The proposed city is a twenty year, two thousand hectares, 1.2 trillion Kenyan-shilling (about $14.5 billion) city project. Konza city will contain a technology park, a university campus, a science-park, an international business district, and residential and commercial properties. The project is part of the Kenya vision 2030 project, it's said that Konza city will generate over 17000 new jobs and $400 million in annual wages.


Urban-Transport Master Plan Project in Kinshasha City. This project is designed to improve the quality of transportation in Kinshasa city by creating an urban-transport master plan with a development vision for 2040 and development-program for 2030. This plan is to create affordable and comfortable transportation for the African mega-city.


When you move across Johannesburg you will notice something that wasn't there originally, a new skyline that brings a new flavor to the city. Lots of insurance companies, law firms and banks have been in a toggle race for dibs on who will get the most luxurious headquarters in the city. It is possible that the development going on in Sandton will likely slow down, Sandton currently counts for about thirty-one percent of the national-office-space development and in the final quarter of 2017, according to the South-African Property-Owners-Assocication.