Artistic Buildings across Africa?

There is really beauty on this earth that we live in and most of the beauty in contained in really tall artistic building and the insane part is that not a lot of people know about these buildings especially the ones in these specific cities so I thought I’d shed some light on them and maybe if you are ever in one of these cities you can check these lovely buildings out!


Cairo is the Capital of Egypt. It is right by the Nile River and it is such magnificent and astonishing city. It is famous for its Pyramids and riches. The artistic building in Cairo that I want to shed some light on is the art that was created by an incredible artist across 50 buildings. Artist: eL Seed and some other graffiti artists help created something called “Perception project" in a neighborhood of Manshiyat Naser. When you stand and look back it looks like one big piece with parts painted on different buildings that brings it all together, it is like different puzzle pieces that come together to form a picture and it is truly amazing.



bogobiri house lagosLagos:

Lagos is the biggest city in Nigeria and is across the Lagos Lagoon. It is a very stunning city. It is especially beautiful at night. There was really a lot to pick from when talking about the art that Lagos contains because it is such an artistic city but I choose to pick this building called “Bogobiri House". This is an African themed hotel and you really have to look this up because it is so beautiful. ln building itself is a library, gallery and an art shop but outside is where the real deal is. This art building has statues and green plants in motions of walls and there are lights hanging that makes this building such a sight to see.




Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. It is famous for just the urban feel and known for being a home to endangered species. There are some breathtaking tall buildings in Nairobi but we are going to be focusing on the “Victoria Tower”. This building is an elegant skyscraper that has such a nice pattern and shape to it. Kinshasa: This is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kinshasa is famous for Livingstone Falls which is an awesome water fall and it also famous for the shelter for endangered apes! The building we are going to be talking about today is “Congo Trade Center" is is also a skyscraper and it is known as a shopping center located downtown Kinshasa. The shape of this building is incredible, it looks divided at the front but not quite that it affects the entire building, it is just a sight to see.



Lastly, Johannesburg is location in South Africa. It is the biggest city in South Africa and it is known for the 19th century gold mining settlement. Fun fact- This was a home to Nelson Mandela. The building we are going to be putting our attention to is the “Carlton Centre" It is also a shopping center and it has been the tallest shopping building in the whole of Africa since 1983. It has an observation deck that when been looked at from shows you a beautiful view of the city around you.