bbc-africaMaking something beautiful everyday, that is our way.

Four highly versatile professionals in their respective fields are all sharing a common goal of using their expertise to make living better in Africa. The motto of the team is to improve living conditions in the world, and in general, throughout Africa for the most part. By spearheading the use of highly effective green-based architectural design concepts, and built around a think-tank team in itself- here is who we are at the very core.

Freeman Moyo

Although the team does not have a designated leader, ‘The Free Chairman,’ as he is commonly known, assumes the role of guiding the activities of the group. Having a professional background as a website developer and building designer, he brings to the team a wealth of experience in these two fields. Besides, his age (now well into his 50’s), gives him the power to lead the group. He has had successful stints in the private and public sector as a professional designer in his spare time.

Aisha Masuka

Aisha is an ardent student of African building safety and keen website designer, is another member of the group. Her deep and rich voice complements her middle age gait to give her a matrimonial aura. Thanks to her Zimbabwean personality, she is known to provide plenty of calmness when there is a lot of heat in the team. She brings to the team a wealth of skills and experience as a designer and writer of repute.

Tendai Mujuru

Tendai is the face of the team, thanks to his capabilities as a young and energetic writer and student of architecture in Africa. One interesting thing about him is that he can master as many details as possible. He uses his knowledge, a sharp tongue and youthfulness to drive forward the agenda of the group. When no one else is willing to engage in some situations, ‘Striker’ is the ultimate choice. Although he does not have an enviable level of experience, he seems to have mastered the most critical skills that a person who occupies his position needs.

Theo Mhlanga

Theo is the go-to guy in the group when things go wrong. As a retired French and African designer, model builder and writer, he seems to have seen it all. He can elaborately assess some complicated and messy situations and find out a way of moving the group out of them. He is reputed for having fought many building fires in his long stint in building safety when he was still in Africa. He once consulted for firms that faced reputation crisis in the industry.

Belle Suluma

Belle complements the function of ‘Mr. Fix lt.’ She is an ambitious student of African design and writer. She has been published in some of the leading publications in the industry, thanks to her wit, focus, and determination. She helps to keep the mojo of the team up even when things seem to be slowing down. Some members of the group fondly refer to her as the heart of the team.

It is the way that all the members of the team play their various roles that makes the team tick. The unique way that the members function helps to create synergy in the team, thus helping it to succeed. Besides, all the members are reputable professionals in their own right who are united by one goal: to make Africa a better place by spearheading the adoption of green architectural designs. If you would like to share your thoughts or ideas- please contact us today:

Afropolis Publishing

333 N Washington Ave

Minneapolis, MN

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